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Our management-training program provides students the necessary skills that will enable them to increase their personal productivity in their professional activities. These seminars are intense coaching workshops. Workshops customized by taking all the details of the individuals' professional and personal life and packaging it in a comprehensive personal management system. Students will become proficient in using a systematic process to deal with the increased communications and responsibilities facing them today.

Example of Classes:

Introduction to PPBE


Understand the resource planning process within DOD, Army and Congress. Program Managers must understand PPB and PPBE in order to tie strategy, program, and budget together.  The phases of PPBE overlap and Program Managers must be familiar with the products and timelines of each phase.


Administrative Control of Funds


Program Managers will understand the budget cycle and the roles of the Executive and Legislative branches in the budget process.  It is also imperative that students comprehend the timelines involved in fund distribution to the states and the legal aspects of fund control management.  After this course, Program Managers within the business of Government financial management will be conversant in the financial management terminology. Program managers will know the rules of obligation and fiscal law nuances.


Justification Statements


This class will instruct students Program Managers in the types and elements of justification statements.  Program Managers will prepare briefings using the Army format.  Program Managers will write a justification statement and present a three-minute oral justification brief, graded by other Program Managers.


Integrated Financial Analysis


Using the Installation Status Report and the Base Requirement Model as the paradigm students will develop performance metrics and integrate cost development requirements. This instruction will enable students to understand not only, the requirements build procedures, but also, the relationship between actual costs and the performance ratings of the services performed.